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Fall in love with Basecamp again

Posted by dashstack on February 15, 2012


We needed a simple and quick way to review, sort, and manage basecamp projects.


Dashstack started out as an internal tool and quickly grew into the solution you see here today.

With Dashstack, you can create multiple interactive dashboards where you can group projects, people, teams, clients, etc.  This allows you to quickly look at workload, status, and people in closer context to how your business operates.

Everything is ‘interactive’ today, what does that really mean?

We mean you can get real work done in Dashstack.  You can add, complete, reorder, and comment on tasks.  You can even drag ‘n drop to attach files.  There are a lot of great status-board offerings out there today, but we don’t want to just tally your tasks, we want to help you get them organized and completed.

How does Dashstack provide better context for my project data?

Simple, we let you create it.  If you want to see certain people on a dashboard, or grouping on specific projects or clients, you can create it in less than 60 seconds. We even support multiple Basecamp accounts allowing you to group projects and people from different Basecamp account’s on a single dashboard.

The other great feature is our custom grouping. This allows you to see your project task grouped by date, people, task list, and project. Combine grouping with your custom dashboard and you have a new level of visibility into your Basecamp projects.

We will be previewing our Quick View lighbox for basecamp file attachments in our next post.