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Dashstack Excels at Meeting Your Basecamp Classic Needs.

Posted by dashstack on March 7, 2012

Is Basecamp Classic not meeting all of your needs? We can help. Dashstack fills in the functionality gaps of Basecamp Classic with additional features and easy seamless integration with your Basecamp accounts. This is what Dashstack is really good at.


Keeping You In the Loop With Instant Updates:
Similar to your Facebook ticker, Dashstack displays your team’s updates in real time. Now, you can view new tasks, file upload activity, comments, etc in real time.



We make it easy for you to manage all of your content with simple drag and drop functionality. You get to customize your dashboard to meet your every need. Group by projects, teams, people, or clients.



Multiple Basecamp Support:
Add your Basecamp accounts and easily pick widget types and add custom filters by person, project, multi-project, or file. Projects can be grouped together across clients and information is quickly viewable and accessible.



Customize Views:
Easily build your own temple of productivity with instant groupings. You choose how to group projects, tasks, people, and teams. Tasks and files are easily sort-able by type, category, date, and lists.