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Bridging the Basecamp & BC Classic Gap

Posted by dashstack on April 2, 2012


We have been excited about launching Dashstack for months. Now that we are officially in public beta, we feel as though the timing couldn’t be better. After 37signals announced the features of their newest product Basecamp Next, we noticed they were still not addressing many of the issues and features that Basecamp power users were lacking in Basecamp Classic. This is not for lack of caring. Rather than focussing on the Basecamp power users, 37signals has chosen to focus its efforts on the needs of the majority of its user base.

How does Dashstack help bridge the gap for Basecamp Power Users?

We solve problems that both Basecamp Classic and Basecamp Next can’t address. Because we have been avid Basecamp users for years, we understand what works and what was lacking in the platform for power users.

Linking Multiple Basecamp accounts
No more switching back and forth between multiple Basecamp accounts. With Dashstack, you can use a single dashboard to manage all of your Basecamp accounts and projects. The drag and drop project widgets follow your every command. You are in control of your own dashboard view. Only see what’s important to you.

Sort Tasks by Person
Want to see all the projects that “team member A “ is working on in one spot?  No problem, just create a project widget and sort by “team member A’s” name. You can also choose to sort by unassigned tasks to ensure that no unassigned to-dos fall through the cracks. Creating a widget by unassigned tasks will give you the ability to view all tasks that are unassigned across all projects.

Sort Tasks by Date
Want to see all the project due dates for tomorrow? That’s easy, just create a project widget and choose to sort by date.

Sort Tasks by Project
Looking for all created tasks for a particular project? Create a widget, pick your project from the drop down list, and give your widget a name. Done.

Sort by List
Need to view all the to-do within a list within a specific project? Create a project widget and simply choose to sort by list.

Clients on Basecamp Classic and Basecamp Next?
Dashstack currently works with Basecamp Classic. However, 37 Signals just released the API to Basecamp Next so we will be able to fully integrate with Basecamp Next very soon. Soon, you will be able to smoothly run multiple projects between both versions of Basecamp, that’s Dashstack.