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How DashStack Organizes Workflow for the Daily Director

Posted by dashstack on May 16, 2012

Busy daily directors have a lot to manage making sure that no task falls through the cracks, it is their top priority. The more people and tasks there are to manage, the harder it becomes to keep up-to-date on everything.

You already know this, because you live it. We do too, and came up with a few ideas that we wanted to share with you that will (hopefully) help better manage your team and tasks.

Using DashStack to Manage Tasks and People

First, setup your dashboard(s) so that you can keep your various projects and teams organized at a glance.

  1. Click on the “+” symbol from your Default dashboard view
  2. Type a title for your new dashboard and click “add” (up to 4 in beta)
  3. Click on the title tab of your newly created dashboard to start creating your project widgets

Next, setup a person widget to view their assigned list of tasks and due dates. Choose to view a person’s tasks grouped by project, list, or when a project or task is due.

  1. Click on “Add Widget” from your project dashboard
  2. Under “Widget Types” choose “Person”
  3. Under “Settings” choose a person’s name from the drop down list displayed by clicking the “+” symbol
  4. Type your widget name in the box next to “And call it”
  5. Click “Add”
Finally, add and edit additional tasks within your widget(s).
  1. Click “Add a Task” within your widget
  2. Choose a project from the list provided and type in your task
  3. Assign the task to a person or label it as “unassigned” (classic only – BCX coming soon)

***Tip: Double click a task to rename it or edit it. ***

Now that you have your dashboards and widgets set, you will quickly be able to see what task belongs to whom and when it’s due. You can move your widgets around your dashboard in any order that you like. Just drag and drop them into place.

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